MAK Aandrijvingen, leverancier van elektromotoren, reductoren, omspannen aandrijvingen als rollenketting, transportketting, kettingwielen en tandriemen.

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MAK Aandrijvingen, partner, SPG.

SPG, partner of MAK Aandrijvingen


For applications where fully standardized ranges of AC electric motors and gearboxes do not suffice, MAK Aandrijvingen offers the widest range of SPG drives, which in many cases offers a suitable solution. SPG produces high quality AC, permanent magnet DC and brushless DC motors with attachable gearbox and various mounting accessories at its factory in South Korea. The power range of the motors is between 6 and 500 watts.


SPG is one of the world's largest manufacturers specializing in - in terms of size - AC/DC motors, gearboxes and planetary drives. SPG is a leading player in this market segment due to its worldwide network, its excellent competitive position and the availability of high-quality research and development facilities.


SPG's products are used in various automation applications, from automotive to industrial applications. SPG is also used by several well-known German manufacturers of household appliances.



MAK Aandrijvingen, partner, SPG.




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